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TED Books - About the Author

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Hello and welcome to Ted Books. I am the author and publisher of Ted's First Day Back at School. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, and why I wrote the book.

I was born in 1963. When I was three years old I lost most of my hearing after contracting measles, and then mumps, within a few weeks of each other.

The doctors told my parents that I would need to be institutionalised (locked up!) but my parents refused, and sent me to the local Primary and Secondary schools. Being in a mainstream school was difficult for a severley deaf student. But it was the best place for me, and I completed year 11 in 1980.

I have worked in many different industries over the past forty years; supermarket cashier, timekeeper in a biscuit factory, costing clerk, PA in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Accounts Payable, Games Dealer at Crown Casino, and my current job as a Gaming Supervisor. I do not know how I have ended up in the industry I am in now. I enjoy working with people, and for the most part, my customers are kind, and lots of fun. It is a difficult environment at times. Gaming addicition is a real addiction, and difficult for people to control and understand.

I wrote TED's book while I was recovering from an operation, in 2009, to insert a Cochlear Implant into my right ear. My brother, John, painted the pictures for me.

I have dedicated the book to my ex-husband Lindsay, and our three children, Tom, Annie, and Charlee. My children are my greatest joy. I am extremely proud of them, their achievements, and who they have become in adulthood.

In 2016 I received a second implant, in my left ear, so I now have Bilateral Cochlears.

Being disabled has not stopped me from doing the things that I have wanted to do. We can all achieve what we want, with resilience and persistance.

I am passionate about breaking down the barriers surrounding people with a disability. I feel I have been given a voice; we do not need others to speak for us, we can speak for ourselves.

I hope you enjoy reading my book, as much as I have in writing, and publishing it.

Cheerio, Maryanne